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We hope you are looking forward to your well-earned R&R weekend with your family. August flew by and it’s time to start thinking about what we can accomplish together during the rest of this year. We have some great PSO committees assembled. It would be refreshing to see some new faces on them, so why not yours?

Thank you to everyone who attended Wednesday’s PSO meeting. Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 13th, at 7pm at Lincoln Prep. We are hoping that those of you who cannot make it to morning meetings will take this opportunity to join us. Dr. Mitchell very generously offered to come and open the school doors after hours, so please take advantage of this opportunity to get involved with your family’s school. If you would like to make decisions here at Lincoln Prep, this is a great way to start. Come lead a committee and make things happen!

Since we are on the subject of making things happen, let’s talk about Beth Watkins. Beth has been at Lincoln Prep almost every day since school began, training lunch volunteers and overseeing lunch. It’s time we all let Beth take a break. If you have not volunteered for lunch this year, please sign up! We kid you not, lunch cannot happen unless we all pull together and fill those lunch slots. If you know you haven’t signed up for your three lunch sessions this year, we would love to see some participation. Almost all of the lunch volunteers have been at multiple sessions at this point. They will show you the ropes so that your child is not destined to eat pb&j for the rest of the school year. Thank you in advance for your service. Thank you to Beth for faithfully feeding our children! Sign up here.

Did you know that you can buy your teachers lunch? Show your favorite teachers how much you appreciate them by buying them lunch through Dishes2U. This awesome service can be utilized by looking for your teacher’s profile on the Dishes2U website.

Have you seen the Sign Up Genius for September’s Teacher Appreciation Treat Table? By all means, take a look here!

The LP ice skating social was a very fun success. Thank you so much to Tracy Vickery for planning that. We had such a good time that Tracy isn’t stopping there. She has planned a rollerskating social at USA’s Skateland in Chandler on Friday, September 22nd from 7-10pm. Tickets are $6 and skates can be rented for $3.50. Sounds like another date night to us!

Speaking of date night, the Great Hearts Gala is a fundraiser for teacher professional development. Funds raised at the Gala will help us address the critical need for more high-quality teachers in Arizona and will help provide professional development programs for over 1,000 teachers throughout the Valley. Read more about this very special event here:

Are you just joining our school and in need of uniforms? Are your children growing out of their uniforms at a rate of speed that does not even seem possible? We have a solution for that! We have gently used, laundered uniforms available for purchase with cash or check through our PSO Uniform Committee. Shorts and pants are $5, shirts are $8 and skirts and sweaters are $15. You can contact the PSO Uniform Committee to set up an appointment to see our selection at

With all of that, we very much hope you enjoy the long holiday weekend with your family. Be safe. See you next week.