End of Quarter Announcements…

As we close this first quarter of the school year, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all of the volunteers who have helped make this quarter a success. So many people have donated time and goods, and it has all helped to grow our Lincoln Prep Community. Thank you for attending our social events, and for supporting our school in every way.

Mark our next social event on your calendar! It will be held at Jump Street on Friday, October 27th from 6-10pm. The cost is $14 per person and includes 2 hours of jumping during the listed timeframe. Jump Street has DODGE BALL as many of the kids requested. Bring the family out for a fun evening with their friends!

Please read the following important announcement from our Lunch Coordinator, Beth Watkins:

If you could get FREE hot lunches for your student, for a whole month, would you be interested? It’s quite simple-volunteer in the lunchroom, for one week in the month of November, or four days, and your name will be put into a drawing- you could win 1 week’s worth of lunches!* If you can volunteer for two weeks, or 8 days, in November, you could win 2 weeks of free food!* The grand prize- one month of free lunches,* will go towards those that can come in every day in November!!!
Now is YOUR chance and opportunity to win big! One win for you=free lunch, and one win for the school= your support!

* Maximum amount is $8/day.

Sign up to volunteer for lunch in November, December and January here.

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Have a wonderful and safe Fall Break with your family and friends. Look for our next update in a couple of weeks.