A few things to take a read through….

If you just finished reading the school newsletter, this is a repeat, so feel free to skip. Thanks for reading!

Our next PSO meeting will be special! We are inviting 5th grade parents to attend and hear about the Lincoln Prep Parent Service Organization. The meeting will be on Wednesday, April 18th and will start after the Archway morning drop. The meeting will focus on the mission and leadership of next school year’s PSO. Please attend if you are interested in assuming a leadership position within the PSO next year.

Our lunch sign up is off to a great start and you know that always makes me happy to see! Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far. If you have not done so, please view the lunch sign up here.

I am so happy to announce that Jacque Smith has set up our first Family Fun Night of the year at Chipotle at 2895 S. Alma School Rd in Chandler, on Monday, May14th. The event will run from 4-8pm with proceeds to benefit the LP PSO. Mark your calendar! I look forward to seeing you and your family there.

Speaking of looking forward to seeing you, I could not be more excited to attend “The Blue and Gold Classic” on Friday April 20th. It’s a party that I’m allowed to just show up at-I can’t wait! No, I can’t dance, but I sure can socialize so it’s on my calendar!

Thank you to all of the parents who answered my call for chaperones for the 7th grade field trip. I have the nine chaperones I need; that was filled in record time!

If you volunteer on our campus or for field trips, you know you must have your fingerprint clearance. To help you get cleared and ready to volunteer, we have a fingerprinting event scheduled here at Lincoln Prep on Wednesday, May 16th from 8 to 10am. Please plan on attending so we can get you on our volunteer list. There are many fun volunteer events that we would love your assistance with.

Have a Happy Easter and lovely long weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read this week’s blog.