But wait there’s more!

Here are a few more announcements that I couldn’t fit into the newsletter this week. There is some repeated information, so remember to skim through by reading the bold print.

Our next PSO meeting will be on Wednesday, April 18th and will start after the Archway morning drop off, as the 5th grade parents will be invited to attend. The meeting will focus on the leadership of next school year’s PSO since my family is being relocated to New York. I will be introducing next year’s PSO President at the meeting. Please attend if you are interested in assuming a position within the PSO next year. We have worked very hard to build our Lincoln Prep community this year and I want nothing more for you than to see the momentum continue. There are many great ideas that are in process for next school year. If you want to be a part of next year’s decision making at Lincoln Prep, attend this meeting!

Are your kids in need of uniforms? Please view this message from our Used Uniform Lead, Stephanie Niemyjski:

As the end of the school year approaches, we start to consider what is needed for the forthcoming year. This may include stocking up on a fresh supply of uniforms. Perhaps, you just need a few items to make it to the end of the year. Our uniform committee will be having two sales events in April for the purchase of gently used uniforms. 

  • April 18th from approximately 9:00AM – 10:30AM
    • I will be available for uniform purchases after the Lincoln Prep PSO meeting. The PSO meeting will be held in the LP conference room. Those interested in uniforms can proceed with me to the gym.
  • April 19th from 2:30PM – 3:45PM
    • The sale will be held in the Prep kitchen area of the gym.

I look forward to seeing you.

Stephanie Niemyjski


I received an email from the Great Hearts Support Office, and it was asked that I share this with you:

 The American Academy for Liberal Education (AALE) is conducting a site evaluation visit for accreditation of the 10 Arizona GHA Preparatory Academies.  An interview session with parents is scheduled for Wednesday April 11, 2018, 7:30-8:15 pm in the library of the Veritas Prep campus. The address is 3102 N. 56th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018. A PSO representative from each Academy will be attending, and any other parent wishing to attend the session should contact the PSO president at their child’s academy no later than Monday, April 9, 2018. Seating is limited.

This sounds like a great opportunity to make yourself heard Lincoln Prep Family! Make time for it! I will be in attendance. If you would like to carpool, let me know asap and I will be happy to drive (perhaps not in the Jeep….my other vehicle seats 8….haha!). You can reach me, Terry Burget, at PSO@LincolnPrep.org.

Our Director of Academy Giving, Ronna Krantzman, sent me this email to share with you. Thank you for supporting Lincoln Prep with your generous donation:

It’s almost Tax Day! If you’ve yet to do so, don’t forget to make your Arizona Public School Tax Credit contribution to Lincoln Prep.

Remember, you will receive your contribution back as a dollar-for-dollar credit and allow us to offer the athletics, extra-curricular and character-building programs our students deserve.

Please donate here.

Thank you!

Mark your calendars again Lincoln Prep Families! Last week I was happy to announce that Jacque Smith has set up our first Family Fun Night of the year. We also now have a Family Fun Night scheduled on Friday, April 13th from 3-8 pm at Nekter Juice Bar at 4041 S. Gilbert Rd (Gilbert and Ocotillo). Our Family Fun Night at Chipotle, 2895 S. Alma School Rd in Chandler, will still be on Monday, May14th. That event will run from 4-8pm.

While you have your calendar out, double check that you have Friday, April 20th marked to attend “The Blue and Gold Classic.” We would love as many parents there as possible to show our support of our very thoughtful Leadership Team and staff at Lincoln Prep. It’s also a great way to meet parents and see them at their best and having fun ( I think we can all agree the car line is not always a fabulous representation). I loved meeting parents at the picnic. The dance will be great too! Please make your reservations here .

For additional questions regarding the Blue and Gold Classic, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Ronna Krantzman, rkrantzman@lincolnprep.org, directly.

Why stop there? One more awesome event to take a look at is being coordinated by Tracy Vickery. Please view her latest here.

I very much hope that you enjoy your weekend. I know this was a long one, so thanks for stopping by!