There’s still time….

… be a proctor! We are still in need of several parent volunteer proctors daily during final exam week, with the most needed on the last day of school. The final exams will be next Tuesday May 22nd, Wednesday May 23rd, and Thursday May 24th. Proctoring greatly assists our teachers by affording them the time to correct the exams and submit the grades in a timely manner. Additionally it gives them time to start their narrative evaluations for student progress reports. Proctoring for our teachers is easy, fun, and truly a gift to our awesome teachers. Please sign up here.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Sunsplash, located at 155 W. Hampton in Mesa, this  SATURDAY, May 19th, from 11am to close. Sunsplash will be the last Lincoln Prep social event of the year. If you are one of the many families who requested the Sunsplash event, we certainly hope you have your tickets by now and join us there!

Our awesome volunteers will be serving food during finals again! We are offering pizza by the slice during the break between final exams for $2 on Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday, $2 will treat your child to a tomato and mozzarella wrap. Let’s keep our scholars nourished during finals!

I published the blog early this week because this will be my last blog entry for the school year. Beth Watkins will be taking over administrative PSO duties including PSO email, as of Saturday, May 19th. I am very grateful to Beth, that she is assuming my position as PSO President next year, since my family is being relocated to New York. I will still be at Lincoln Prep until the last day of school, since I will be assisting at the 8th grade graduation. If you need me, you know to look for the big red Jeep by now!

Thank you to all of the hard working volunteers that have helped make for a very successful PSO this past year. I couldn’t be more grateful for your service to Lincoln Prep and I know that I could not have done this without you. I fully realize that at least a couple of you put in as many, if not more, hours than I did. THANK YOU!!

I hope your children have had a happy, productive, and enriching year here at Lincoln Prep.  Remember to hang out with your Lincoln Prep friends over the summer! Enjoy a healthy and safe summer with your families and friends.