Help the Teachers during Conferences

Hello Lincoln Prep Families- I cannot believe I’m saying this, but the Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up next week! As you may or may not know, we feed the teachers during the conferences. They will be very busy meeting with parents and students, and will have a short break to grab a bite to eat. I must admit that I’ve been looking at the signups, and frankly, we need help! Thursday the 3rd, is looking o.k., we still have a few items missing. Friday, the 4th, is looking pretty miserable. I know what you are thinking,  you’ve looked at the signup, for Friday, but cannot make tomato soup. You do have a wonderful recipe for something else, something not listed, and feel like you cannot bring it in, because it’s not on the signup. I say, poppycock! When creating the signups, sometimes you have to list specific food items that sound good. If you have a recipe for Aunt Mildred’s soup or chili, and it is not listed, BRING IT ANYWAYS. All I ask is that you mention in the comments what it is, so we do not have 5 crockpots of the same soup. The final Parent-Teacher conference is on Wednesday, the 9th, and it has a Mexican theme. We do not have many signups for that day, either.  I will put the links to each of the signups here, please look at them and signup to bring something. I know that the teachers REALLY look forward to these meals, and it will bring them great joy. The link for THURSDAY, (pizza), the 3rd is here. The link for FRIDAY, (soup and chili), the 4th is here. The link for WEDNESDAY, (tacos and tostadas), the 9th, is here. Thank you so much, Lincoln Prep Families, you are awesome and are so appreciated! Have a Happy New Year!!