Common Cents

The trip for the Seniors to Washington, DC is coming up next month, so we’ll be supporting them through a program called Common Cents, from February 18-28th. Each section will have a container with a goal of earning the most points. Students can contribute to the containers during lunch/lyceum on each of these days. The containers will be lined up outside the faculty office and totals will be updated daily. The money will be donated to the senior trip. The middle school section and the high school section with the most points at the end will be announced during the Dodgeball Tournament on the 28th, and will earn an ice cream social. Here are how the points are calculated:

1 penny = + 1 point      1 nickle = – ( minus)  5 points     1 dime = -( minus) 10 points    1 quarter = (minus) –  25 points

1 dollar = + 100 points. Let your student bring in their loose change for a great cause!

Any questions? Please email Ms. Tomasson at