Dodgeball Tournament

On February 28th, we will be having a dodgeball tournament during the Pep Rally Assembly, to benefit the Senior’s trip to Washington, D.C.  Teams of 5 will compete to be named the best dodgeball team at Lincoln Prep, and the chance to earn a pizza lunch with their teacher of choice. Faculty members may join the tournament with a maximum of one faculty member per team.

There will be a maximum of 16 teams in the tournament. Teams will be accepted on a first come basis. In order to be accepted, the team must be completely registered, (registration form completed, donation received by Ms. Tomasson, all permission slips filled out and turned in).

Dress code: Team members will wear their LPA uniform as the tournament will take place during the school day. (It is highly encouraged to wear shorts, in order to maximize mobility). Students should change into tennis shoes before the tournament.

Rules: 6 dodgeballs per game, 5 minute games with winning team moving on

*If at 5 minutes, both teams have players still in the game, the team with the most standing players will move on

Ways to get out: A player gets hit by a live ball that has NOT hit the ground yet,

A player throws a ball that is caught by the opposite team,

A player crossing the center line

If a player catches a ball, the first player out on their team can rejoin the game

Please email Ms. Tomasson with any questions you may have at