Teacher Appreciation Week

Lincoln Prep Community- we have a great way to get your students involved during Teacher Appreciation week. If we could take snapshots of our students, having each of them holding up a sign, with one word on it, then form it into a collage, and send it to the teachers, they sure would love it! The message is as follows: On behalf of the LPA students we appreciate our teachers. We miss you and send a virtual hug. Go Lightning!#CommunityInvestment. I will add a photo of something similar to the end product to give you an idea of what it will look like. Be creative with the lettering, as long as the word stands out. Please send your photos to Eryn Watson at watsonpartyof5@yahoo.com, so that she can compose the collage. We need a total of 21 kids to do this. I know we can!🎉

collage picture