About PSO

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The PSO is made up of volunteers who are committed to being involved in their child’s education and school. If you work full time, part time or not at all, anyone can volunteer. We have a place for everyone!

Current List of Committees

Lunchroom Committee – The Lunch Lead trains and provides support to lunch volunteers throughout the year as well as the snack bar. Ensures that all lunch functions run smoothly, that snacks are always stocked, volunteer signups are created and sent, etc.  Lunch volunteers sign up for one or more days a week during lunch time to receive the lunch delivery, distribute lunches to students and run the snack bar.  Training is provided for all new volunteers.  For more info, click Lunchroom Committee Info.

Passive Revenue Generation Committee – Solicit local businesses for Restaurant Nights, schedule food trucks in coordination with campus events, coordinate box tops, and organize any other passive revenue generation opportunities.  For more info, click Passive Revenue Generation Committee Info

Social Events Committee – Plan, and schedule events (i.e. Back to school event, picnic, pool party, service events, etc.) Coordinate a team of parents who will assist. Liaison with faculty to assist with décor items and possible vendors needed for school events (i.e., Middle School Mixer, dances, etc.). For more info, click Social Events Committee Info.

Sports Liaison Committee – Coordinate and schedule all end of season Sports Banquets in cooperation with the Athletic Director, including sign up, volunteers for set up and clean up. Facilitate creation of locker tag decorations for athletes. Work with Athletic Director on sport promotions, coaching needs, website updates, etc.  For more info click Sports Liaison Committee Info.

Teacher Appreciation Committee – Plans and executes all Teacher Appreciation efforts, including monthly meals, birthday acknowledgement, and organization of Teacher Appreciation Week.  Coordinates volunteers needed to set up/clean up all efforts.  For more info click Teacher Appreciation Committee Info

Treasurer – Custodian of the PSO checkbook and verifiable records of funds of the PSO. Receive all funds and deposit them into the PSO bank account promptly, write checks from approved Purchase Orders for the President and keep accurate and current checkbook in full detail.  Work closely with Great Hearts lead office to manage records, funds and receipts.  For more info click Treasurer Info.

Used Uniform Committee – Maintain used uniform inventory and schedule/coordinate uniform sales four times a year. Maintain Lost and Found quarterly. For more info click Used Uniform Committee Info.

Vending Machine Committee – Facilitates the stocking of the vending machine, collections of money, maintenance needed, and snack inventory.  For more info click Vending Machine Committee Info.

Please keep in mind that there are 2 separate PSO’s – one for the Archway (grades K-5) students/families and one for the Lincoln Prep (grades 6-11) students and families. This site has all info for Prep PSO. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Lincoln Prep PSO.

We encourage you to get involved, get plugged in and help us make the Lincoln Prep community one we can continue to be proud of!

To Contact our Committee Leads, visit our Leadership Page to see a list of our most up to date Leads and emails.