Holiday Teacher Appreciation Celebration

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The Holidays are upon us and it’s time to once again show our teachers how much we appreciate all they do for our students! As we get ready for the semester to conclude and head into break, we will be celebrating our Teachers of Lincoln Prep on Wednesday, December 15. To help, please visit our sign-up.

Let’s show our teacher’s some love!


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Simplify your holiday gift giving and make the holiday season extra special for our faculty by contributing to the PSO Snowstorm! All donations will be pooled together, divided equally, and given to the faculty in December. We hope that you will join the PSO as we celebrate our faculty this holiday season!

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Your PSO is made up entirely of volunteers. We want to thank those that have responded to our call for new people. We are excited that several positions have been filled and welcome our amazing new people! We still have quite a few positions to fill. Please consider serving and getting a friend to join you. If you are interested in any of the open positions, listed below, please contact Eryn Watson at We are happy to answer any of your questions and guide you towards a position that you will enjoy. Available positions are:

  • Passive Revenue Generation
  • Social Events
  • Vending machine stockers
  • Lunchroom
  • Publicity

Teacher Appreciation Collage

Below you will see what the Lincoln Prep collage looks like that we made for our teachers, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week.  This is such a small measure of thanks compared to the immense love and effort our teachers pour into our students every day. They are the heart and soul of our community. Thank you, teachers, for all you do! Thank you to everyone that participated and to Eryn Watson for creating our collage! Not only did the teachers get to see this collage, the PSO also gifted all of the teachers and staff a virtual gift card from Grub Hub.TA collage

Teacher Appreciation Week

Lincoln Prep Community- we have a great way to get your students involved during Teacher Appreciation week. If we could take snapshots of our students, having each of them holding up a sign, with one word on it, then form it into a collage, and send it to the teachers, they sure would love it! The message is as follows: On behalf of the LPA students we appreciate our teachers. We miss you and send a virtual hug. Go Lightning!#CommunityInvestment. I will add a photo of something similar to the end product to give you an idea of what it will look like. Be creative with the lettering, as long as the word stands out. Please send your photos to Eryn Watson at, so that she can compose the collage. We need a total of 21 kids to do this. I know we can!🎉

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Pictures needed for Yearbook

Good morning Lincoln Prep families- Ms. Tomasson needs pictures for the yearbook. If you happen to have pictures of any school related activities, or sporting events that took place before or during Spring Break, please send them to her. Her email is:  As a reminder, please go to the Parent Portal to order your yearbook. Pre-orders became available on March 23rd, and go until April 13th.

Locker tags needed

The perfect project for students and adults alike, would be creating locker tags. We still have 3 teams that need volunteers to work on them.  Middle School Track, Middle School Swim, and High School Beach Volleyball. All of the tags have been printed already. They need to be cut, names written on them, lamination, and a second cutting. Please contact Beth Watkins, at, if you have any questions or would like to get started. Thanks for all of your help, the student athletes love getting recognition from these.

PSO and Lunch

Instead of postponing the PSO meeting until later in the month, it will be rescheduled to April 15th. As the lunchroom lead, I have also contacted Lunchkins, letting them know to cancel all lunches for next week. Stay safe and Go Lightning!